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Thanksgiving Illustrations

One of my favorite holidays to celebrate is Thanksgiving! It’s a time to give thanks and be grateful for all that we have in our life. I love spending the holiday with my family. There’s nothing like walking up to my mother’s front door and beginning to smell all of the wonderful preparations coming from the kitchen. As the door opens I’m greeted with a warm hug and it gives me that sense of feeling ‘home’. This year I had the opportunity to create some illustrations for a Thanksgiving greeting card. I wanted to express all of the wonderful things I feel...

Cardstock Competition

In 2010 I participated in an event called ‘CardStock’ which brought together artists,writers, and musicians to collaborate and compete in a 48 hour eCard challenge. The challenge was to create an animated eCard that was 10 seconds in length and followed the theme ‘Happy Birthday’. The event was a huge success which brought in over 40 entries from the US, Bucharest, and Madrid. “Yappy Birthday” was the card that I designed and animated which won 2nd place in the ‘Best Animation’ category. I wanted to create something lively and fun in the...

Taylor Swift – Fearless

I had the pleasure to bring to life Taylor Swifts first animated eCard ‘Fearless’. The designs and storyboards were created by Alison Osborn. click here to view the...

Illustration Friday- Pioneer

PIE O NEER!  Thought it would be fun to close out the new year with a fun illustration. Have a good new year and I wish you the best  for...

Illustration Friday – Fast

A Flying Squirrel fly’s fast in fright on Halloween...


The ‘ALL HANDS ON DECK’ gallery show was held in Cleveland Ohio in 2008. I had the honor to participate in this show and it was a wonderful experience. Each artist could use any medium they wanted as long as the ‘canvas’ was a skateboard. This was one of my favorite gallery shows I have participated in. I thought the concept was unique and it brought together a wide range of artists varying in styles and techniques. Just walking through the gallery you felt the creative energy and expression in all of the work. The skateboard I created was done in several different...

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