The ‘ALL HANDS ON DECK’ gallery show was held in Cleveland Ohio in 2008. I had the honor to participate in this show and it was a wonderful experience. Each artist could use any medium they wanted as long as the ‘canvas’ was a skateboard. This was one of my favorite gallery shows I have participated in. I thought the concept was unique and it brought together a wide range of artists varying in styles and techniques. Just walking through the gallery you felt the creative energy and expression in all of the work.

The skateboard I created was done in several different mediums and was a chance for me to experiment and explore. I sanded the skateboard down to the natural wood and then applied stains and dyes to the wood. I wanted a weathered and texture look rather then a clean and slick wood surface. I repeated the staining process several times to make sure that the color soaked in. (*tip – Dabbing the stain with a sponge will give you a nice uneven texture!) Once the stain dried I then created my initial sketch on the board just to get the layout that I wanted. I wanted the piece to feel like a fine art piece so I made sure that my pen marks and cross hatching showed. Once I had everything laid out I then used acrylics in certain areas just to bring a few elements forward.

Overall I’m very happy with the piece and it was fun to spend the weekend being experimental and creative. The image below is of me and my piece in the gallery.

To see some photos of the show click HERE

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